May 21, 2020

New York Review from US Review of Books

The Eric Hoffer Award for Books

2020 Eric Hoffer Award


The Art category captures the experience, execution, or demonstration of the arts, including art, fine art, graphic art, architecture, design, photography, and coffee table books.


Gloria Garfinkel, Andrew Kelly, Gloria Garfinkel Foundation - Nonagenarian and working artist Gloria Garfinkel is vibrant in thought and style. Her work crosses artistic mediums and cultural boundaries. Colors mix, explore, and explode in Warholian fashion, but like viewing any great artist, there is the first flush of the eye and later the insight of the mind. Even though her sculptures, paintings, and collages can be found publically both near and far, this dense retrospective gathers a salient understanding of an artist one may have only a glancing familiarity with. The brilliantly produced, hefty coffee table book will be a prize in your collection and help promulgate Garfinkel to the generations

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